Anthony Graham

With over two decades of experience

I progressed to an executive level in the legal sector as a company director of a law firm, Amosu Robinshaw Solicitors, and now my own notary business, pulling on my knowledge as an experienced criminal defence lawyer and Notary Public. In parallel, I am using my board exposure to build a portfolio career.

I navigate complex business environments, scaling and growing companies and have showcased my commercial credentials by delivering at volume without compromising quality or service. I believe in working hard and smart, thriving in high-pressure environments, applying innovative thinking, and embracing technology and digital. 

I have a firm grasp

Of legal compliance having previously been a managing director of a law firm for 15 years ranging from COLP/COFA responsibilities, SQM and LAA audits. I always endeavour to meet the relevant KPI’s that are set down by our regulators and strive towards implementing EDI goals and aspirations. I have provided support to my peers  and fellow firm owners in order that they remain compliant.

People are the cornerstone of business: I have developed, mentored and support talent, boosting operational performance through upskilling, and outlining development plans that enable role progression.

Constantly adapting and evolving, I quickly assimilate into new cultures and environments, hitting the ground running and delivering results. I also support start up businesses in an advisory capacity with their obligations ranging from governance, taxation, HR & compliance. 

I give up my time to support good causes and make a difference in people’s lives with a passion for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).